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“Great office, wonderful experience!

I found Dr. Patel’s practice through my provider finder and was able to make an appointment that same week! The office is well done and welcoming and the staff is kind and efficient. I was seen quickly by Dr. Patel, who was very understanding and patient and took the time to listen. I was able to have allergy testing done as well as a scan (office directly across from Dr. Patel’s) the same day. I needed balloon sinuplasty done, which I was able to schedule for the following week in office and surgery for a deviated septum, which was scheduled a month out. Both procedure and surgery went beautifully. I can breathe correctly for the first time and difference is amazing. Dr. Patel strives to make every visit personal and informative. You always leave feeling like you are a priority patient which is a rarity these days. Highly recommend this office!” – April A.

“Dr. Patel is the best!!! Explains everything so that you can understand and very friendly!! Never liked going to the doctor’s office but Dr. Patel staff is the BEST especially Mandy. Highly recommend Dr. Patel” – Adrian S.

“WE LOVE DR PATEL!!! He saw my husband immediately after an ER trip, got him in for surgery that same day. He walked us through the problem step by step until we understood. He’s just FANTASTIC!!!!” – Kate K.

“Dr. Patel was very patient and took his time addressing this nervous mom’s concerns. Very knowledgeable and was great at explaining everything to me and my child. The entire staff was friendly as well with great customer service.” – Maria C.

“I wish I would have known Dr. Patel for my past three sinus surgeries. Dr. Patel completed my 4th sinus surgery and it was the BEST sinus surgery I have ever had. The facility was nice and clean. Dr. Patel was on his game. He completed my procedure and did not use packing (which was AMAZING).

I had very little discomfort after surgery. I used 2 pain pills and went to work the next day. There was very little swelling and no bruising even after breaking my nose…He did an amazing job. Dr. Patel works with and listens to his patients. He is sincere and he loves what he does. He has more concern about you and your issue then any other Dr. I have ever been to. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jack…that is another story.

My Dad had an emergency and Dr. Patel answered his on-call line in a SUNDAY…What DR. ever does that??? DR. Patel, that’s who. He is a Godsend…” – Lori K.

“Dr. Patel is very compassionate, caring and professional. He takes time to listen and I loved his staff! I felt very secure with his diagnosis and received relief very quickly. I would highly recommend him!” – Donna B.

“Great staff and doctor! Very caring for their patients, on top of confirming appointments, always clean in the office, and friendly yet professional. I’d recommend them to anyone! – Valarie R.

“Dr. Patel and his staff were so wonderful. He listened to my problem areas and help me decide the best care that was needed. He also had a great bedside manner that allowed me to feel comfortable and honest. Having my surgery was one of the best decisions I could have made and because of his great technique I was able to heal quickly!” – Jess M.

“I’m 32 years old and I found out that I had a 40% hearing loss. This was affecting my work and my family life. When I meet Dr. Patel for the first time he told me that we will get your hearing back. Dr. Patel was very persistent and thorough in his diagnosis. Dr. Patel was excellent during the procedure as well as with his follow-ups. I would recommend anyone needing to see an ENT to meet and work with Dr. Patel, he his very hands-on and wants the best for his patients. My hearing is back to its normal level and I owe it all to Dr. Patel.” – Austin D.

“Dr. Jack Patel is probably the best doctor in the world today. He is very professional and educated. Most importantly he doesn’t treat you like a patient but rather a friend. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jack Patel for any of your ENT needs.” – Kevin P.

“There need to be more doctors out there like Dr. Patel. He is very personable, compassionate, and is a great listener to diagnose your issues. The last thing he will do is take advantage of his patients. I had no expectation when walking into his office and when I left, I wanted him to be my family doctor along with my ENT… Only in a perfect world. I highly recommend anyone needing an ENT to contact him, you will not be disappointed.” – Chad C.

“Amazing doctor!!! Very nice and has a beautiful Munster office… He gets you in fast (no long waits), he listens, he takes his time to make sure you understand what procedures needs to take places and often asks do you have any other questions. He and his staff always makes sure your comfortable all the way around.” – Jellicia R.

“I have to say Dr. Patel is an excellent, caring and informative doctor. He treated me and my family like his family. I’m healing very well and I can actually breathe. So thankful for him. Would recommend him to everyone.” – Lashonda J.

“Overall great experience Dr. Patel is an excellent doctor with a great staff, he explains everything very well. I was nervous at first but he assured me everything would ok, I highly recommend his office to anyone having a sinus problem.” – Curtis C.

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