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Sinus Surgery Vs. Breathe Sinus Procedure

Sinus Surgery vs. Breathe Sinus Procedure

Sinusitis feels like allergy season never ends but fortunately, unlike allergies, it can be fully cured. Chronic sinusitis is a common condition in which the cavities around the sinuses become inflamed and swollen for at least 12 weeks, despite treatment attempts. Symptoms of chronic sinusitis include facial pain or pressure, headache, nasal congestion, and frequent sinus infections. If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, Dr. Jack Patel at Breathe Sinus, Allergy, and Sleep will provide a professional diagnosis as well as a customized treatment plan for you.

How Is Chronic Sinusitis Treated?

Chronic sinusitis can be treated with either traditional sinus surgery or the Breathe Sinus procedure. Studies show that after 12 months, both procedures deliver comparable results, but choosing the Breathe Sinus procedure can significantly improve the patient recovery experience. A traditional sinus surgery requires general anesthesia, cutting of tissue and bone, and about 5 days of recovery. Additionally, prescription pain medication is needed for about 3 days after the procedure, and there needs to be at least one follow-up care visit. On the other hand, the Breathe Sinus procedure is performed in the office and takes approximately 25 minutes. It doesn’t require general anesthesia, downtime, or cutting of tissues.

Benefits of the Breathe Sinus Procedure:

  • Safe and minimally invasive
  • Performed in-office under local, topical anesthesia
  • Virtually no recovery time
  • No prescription pain medication or follow-up visit needed
  • Very little to no pain
  • Covered by most major insurance companies
  • Requires no cutting or removal of bone or tissue

In addition to improving recovery experience, the Breathe Sinus procedure eliminates general anesthesia risks that are encountered with traditional sinus surgery. Pre-existing cardiac, pulmonary, or systemic medical conditions pose higher general anesthesia health risks.

Call Breathe Sinus, Allergy, & Sleep, the office of Dr. Jack Patel, at (630) 283-8059 to find out if you are a candidate for this noninvasive procedure!